here are some of my funny moments in primary school before I go to high school.

funny moments-when people would switch classes after shelter meting in year three. and when Arielle asked Mr hope for a left handed ruler, and also when Amali called Mr hope mum!

One of my favourite things to do at resses and lunch is play four square.

And also one of my favourite trips at school was when we went to Cockman house and also when we went on the boat and learnt all about the life stile and the punishments on the boat.

And one more funny thing was when we did yoga on Thursdays in year three.


thief part 4

“It’s a fake!” “What do you mean it’s a fake?” “What do you think I mean” “I don’t know how you did it but I thought you were on my side,” “I thought you were my friend.” “ I..I..was till you started all of this, you have gone crazy I don’t know if something is happening at home or you are just mad at something but what ever it is I can help.” “Just but out of it  it is no of your concern,” “ and if you don’t want to be my friend then I hope you enjoy you visit to the cops.” “NO” but I am to late she as already shut the door on me what am I going to do!

thief part 3

I’m in my room thinking about what I done, A flash back of me stealing the necklace pops into my mind the gilt I felt stealing that necklace I feel so bad I don’t even want to imagine the look on the lady’s face when When she opens her draw. my bedroom door slams open……”Its a fake.” part four coming soon.

theif Part 2

“JUST OPEN IT” “I…I..I cant” “Do it or I will tell the police that you robed the bank and not me.” “We were lucky to escape the police last time just open the door and go in and steal the necklace” “ok”

“ok.” the door creaks open and I step inside. stayed toned for part 3. 🙂

Theif Part 1

“STOP! What are you doing”; “What are you doing here”,” I followed you here cause you have been acting so weird at school so I decided to follow you here, and now I Know why.” “You are going to get us both arrested.” “I don’t care I just don’t get why you are doing this,” “it is none of your business, now get out of here before you get arrested to.” Suddenly the echoing sound of sirens echoed the building, they were trapped!

At the farm

On Saturday I went to the farm and I thought it would. be good to do a post on it since I haven’t done one in a while. So here are some photos. Right now there house is being built so we manly just ride on the little mower and the cwad bikes so that’s all for now bye.👋

Pranking Mikaela :)

Ok so a few mouths ago Arielle and Ryley Pranked Mikaela now you are probably wondering why have I not done it yet well I actually just remembered that I had saved the Photo and now I am going to show you guys what we did but first I will show you what they put thy printed out.

before and after

Welcome back to my blog I have some very exiting news I have got a new room I went for a plant themed room I am pretty happy how it turned out I am still adding things though but it is almost done when it is done I will be posting pictures on my blog to show you what it looks like. Be posting soon bye for now. 👋😉

Can you see it yet!

By the title you are probably thinking I am going camping or something so if you thought that you are wrong. in class we did some measuring around the school and now I will tell you how we did and what we did. so first we made our theodolite, so  after we had made it we garbed a giant protractor and some measuring tape and we started to measure thing around the school I will only tell you about one thing we measured around the school course we measured a lot of things  so one thing we measured was the footy pole so we stood 4 meters back and lined the protractor up with the measuring tape and stopped when we saw the top and then we wrote it down in our book and then we drew triangles with our measurements. so I hope you liked this post be posting soon bye.